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The Riot Club review: A poison pen letter to the British establishment
Digital Spy
As timely as Laura Wade's acidic satirical drama Posh might have felt when it premiered at the Royal Court in 2010, its impact has been augmented in the four years of Coalition government that have followed, as Britain has come to be ruled entirely by ...

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The Independent

Former Welsh Secretary David Jones denies involvement in 'poison pen' blog
The Independent
“Such harassment of individuals in the public domain is an electronic replication of the poison pen letter of old, and has nothing to do with the principle of free speech,” he said. He also accused the site of publishing "libels" about him after he had ...
Row over 'poison pen letter' North Wales blogRhyl Journal
MP Guto Bebb challenged on website bullying claimBBC News

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Harvey Weinstein Wants To Give Negatory 'Neverland' Columnist Riedel The Hook
Update Friday morning: Motown The Musical announced its January, 2015 closing — paving the way, maybe, for Finding Neverland to be the next tenant at the Nederlander-owned Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. The Riedel Watch: I promised occasional updates on ...

Literature's least attractive power couple
The impact of Johnson's amphetamine addiction is never investigated, nor are the anonymous poison-pen letters she received at intervals for much of her life, nor for that matter Francis King's suggestion that Snow led a secret life like his friends ...

PAS Youth kept lid on annual report irregularities
The Star Online
Asked on the issue of the irregularities in the previous annual report cropping in 'poison pen letters' recently, Suhaizan said that he was aware of it. However, he said that no action was taken, as they were mere allegations. On Tuesday night ...

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Poison Pen Letters
A line of greeting cards designed to start, mend, or end relationships.
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Poison Pen Press
Books for the reenactor and Faire patron on medieval cookery, costuming, and domestic aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; on line catalog and ordering information.
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Poison Pen's Deadly Ink Blots
The story archive of Andrew Nellis, containing stories of a graphic, violent, sexual, and unrelentingly weird nature. Growth, shrinking, Cthulhu Mythos, cannibalism, and of course sex. Well written.
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Poison Pen Press - Cookery Books
Poison Pen Press ... Tr pb, 187 pp, illus with black & white pen sketches.
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Poison Pen's Deadly Ink Blots
This site contains stories in which you will find depictions of violence and
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Jen's Poison Pen
One woman's opinions on a variety of subjects; burning social commentary and observations of human behaviors, among other things. All feedback is thoughtfully considered and posted in the guestbook.
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Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica
The basics for novice writers from spelling and grammar to choosing a pen name by Andrew Nellis.



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