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Poison pen letter writer caught
A 51-year-old woman from Koewacht in the province of Zeeland has confessed to writing anonymous letter to dozens of fellow-villagers since 2011, RTL news reported on Sunday. The letters, often of an insulting and sometimes a threatening nature, had ...

The Star

Doctor 'received poison pen letter'
The Star
Psychologist Dr Hayley Dare was allegedly targeted with a threatening poison pen letter just weeks after she raised fears about a culture of poor practice within the forensic clinical unit at West London Mental Health NHS Trust. The letter, described ...

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Irish Independent

The poison pens of Washington - memoirs by former US Secretaries of Defence ...
Irish Independent
But books helped carry Obama to the White House - not so much his manifesto The Audacity of Hope, but his brilliant and entirely self-written autobiography, Dreams from My Father. Sadly, but somehow aptly, a president who wields a pen like few ...

Cleveland Jewish News

'The Pillowman' explores the power of the poison pen
Cleveland Jewish News
By placing this play in a nondescript totalitarian nation at a nonspecific time, McDonagh cleverly raises the stakes on what is truly at issue in it: That the pen is not only mightier than the sword, it is also double-edged. Free speech and unbridled ...

Heart In Hand Posts "Poison Pen Letters" Lyric Clip
Metal Underground
Check out the clip for fiery pit anthem "Poison Pen Letters" below. Charlie Holmes (vocals) comments: "'Poison Pen Letters' is a song about overcoming bad things in life. Coming out on top and proving to yourself you can achieve anything you want.".

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Poison Pen Letters image
Poison Pen Letters
A line of greeting cards designed to start, mend, or end relationships.
Poison Pen Press image
Poison Pen Press
Books for the reenactor and Faire patron on medieval cookery, costuming, and domestic aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; on line catalog and ordering information.
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink Blots image
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink Blots
The story archive of Andrew Nellis, containing stories of a graphic, violent, sexual, and unrelentingly weird nature. Growth, shrinking, Cthulhu Mythos, cannibalism, and of course sex. Well written.
Poison Pen Press - Cookery Books image
Poison Pen Press - Cookery Books
Poison Pen Press ... Tr pb, 187 pp, illus with black & white pen sketches.
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink Blots image
Poison Pen's Deadly Ink Blots
This site contains stories in which you will find depictions of violence and
Jen's Poison Pen image
Jen's Poison Pen
One woman's opinions on a variety of subjects; burning social commentary and observations of human behaviors, among other things. All feedback is thoughtfully considered and posted in the guestbook.
Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica image
Poison Pen's Guide for Amateur Writers of Erotica
The basics for novice writers from spelling and grammar to choosing a pen name by Andrew Nellis.



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