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The London Economic

Great gran has been writing to pen friend for 72 years
The London Economic
In 1942 I saw an advert in the Girl's crystal annual for girl's who lived all over the world, who wanted a pen friend. One advert caught my eye it was for a girl called Alice who was also twelve and lived in Columbus, Ohio in America. It sounded so ...

Appeal made to hear from pen-friend
Northumberland Gazette
A man who travelled from his native Germany to Alnwick to see his pen-friend 50 years ago has made an appeal to trace her, after the pair lost contact. Ralf Thenior, from Dortmund, said he would love to hear from his former pal, who he says was called ...

Get Surrey

Pervert filmed young girls with hidden camera pen
Get Surrey
It was that friend who then contacted the police and that led to a search of the defendant's premises and the seizure of the defendant's computer and discovery of a range of images.” The court heard that the voyeurism charges related to incidents in ...

Daily Mail

Housewife Jamie Jones became infatuated with murderer pen pal
Daily Mail
When housewife Jamie Jones found herself a bit lonely, instead of taking up a conventional hobby, or meeting new friends in her area, she started penning letters to American prisoners- with her own husband's encouragement. She had begun the letter ...

Harry Major Took in Ex-Cons for Sex and Friendship. Then He Turned Up Dead
LA Weekly
In prison, Kratlian became pen pals with Major; after Kratlian was paroled last year, Major convinced him to come to L.A. Kratlian arrived in late January and lived with Major in his apartment for about 10 days. On Feb. 12, shortly after Kratlian moved ...

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International Pen Friends web site, our pen friend club has over 300000 members in 192 countries.
Monmouth College - Admission - Refer a Friend - Pen Pal image
Monmouth College - Admission - Refer a Friend - Pen Pal
Our newest addition to the Refer a Friend program is the pen-pal idea. Our focus will be on students who have already made their housing deposit and plan on ...
IPFS: educational pen pals image
IPFS: educational pen pals
Arranges pen pals for schools, normally through their foreign language teacher. Ages from 8 to 20. ... Real mail makes real friends ...
International Pen Friends/ Pen Pals image
International Pen Friends/ Pen Pals
'Europa Pages' FREE international pen friend / pen pal service helps you to make friends around the world. Perfect for language students and teachers ...
Under 16 Children/Teens Contacts,Pen Friends,pennpals image
Under 16 Children/Teens Contacts,Pen Friends,pennpals
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