Iran Book News Agency (IBNA) – New Horizons facing Iranian illustrators

IBNA: The year just passed (1390) was a golden year for Iranian illustration. Iranian artists won valuable prizes like the Golden Apple and Belgrade Golden Pen and became the finalists of festivals such as Sacred Colors, CJ and Teatrio. what follows is an overview of the success of Iranian illustrators in the last year: SPRING 1390 Three Iranian Illustrators at Bologna 2011  Good news began with Bologna 2011, the most significant children’s picture books festival that is annually held in Italy. about 5000 publishers attended the 48th edition of the festival held in March 2011, in which Iranian illustrators Rashin Kheirieh, Nooshin Safakhou and Marjan Farmani had been admitted. Iranian illustrators in Germany Last may the first expo of Iranian illustration was held in Germany for may 14-June 4. The expo displayed 54 illustrations of 18 books released by Shabaviz. The experts of Berlin’s Neurotitan gallery had chosen these pictures after about a year of assessment. Farshid Shafiei, Sharareh Khosravani, Sahar Bardaee, Morteza Zahedi, Atieh Bozorg-sohrabi, Hoda Haddadi, Nazli Tahvily, Amir Shaabanipour, Ali Boozari, Mohammad Reza Shams, Ali Reza Goldouzian, Fereshteh Najafi, Negin Ehtesabian, Neda Azimi, Saba Maasoumian, and Ali Namvar were some of the illustrators whose works were showcased in the expo. SUMMER 1390 Iranian illustrators shine in Teatrio Last November, works of three Iranian illustrators were chosen at the Illustration Contest of The Teatrio Cultural Association in Venice, themed on “The Cannonball Lady”. The Expo will displayed works of 24 illustrators chosen at the contest of “The Cannonball Lady”. The selected illustrators included 5 artists from France, two from Atlanta, three from Iran, three from Italy, two from Mexico and two from Savannah. Moreover an artist was chosen from each country of Portugal, Mongolia, Germany, Romania and South Africa. The Iranian artists were Pegah Kezami, Nasim Azadi and Golnar Servatian. meanwhile four illustrators from Iran, Mexizo, France and Portugal received honorary mention from the contest. The Teatrio Cultural Association was established in March 1988 with the 1st edition of the Biennial Exhibition of the Illustrated Book for Children. Teatrio promotes exhibitions, competitions, illustration workshops and seminars and in this way grants numerous requests on behalf of famous and young illustrators. BIB Golden Apple for Rashin Kheirieh Held in September 2011, the 23rd Biennial of Illustration Bratislava announced Iranian illustrator Rashin Kheirieh as winner of the event’s Golden Apple. The biennial displays the best illustrations of children and juvenile’s books which were published during the past two years. Rashin Kheirieh was born in 1979 in Khoramshar, Iran. She holds an MA in graphics The member of the Institute of the illustrators has illustrated more than 30 children and young adult’s books so far. She has won several international awards including the Medal of Encouragement from Noma, Japan in 2002 and 2008, new Horizons from the International book Festival Bologna, Italy in 2009, International Festival of Illustrators, Katha, India in 2005, etc. The Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB) is held under the auspices of UNESCO, in cooperation with individual National Sections of IBBY (the International Board on Books for Young People) and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Slovak Republic. FALL 1390 A Bloomy Fall for Iranian Illustrations In Fall 1390 (2011), Iranian illustrator Sima Shahmoradi won the 46th Belgrade Biennial’s Golden Pen for illustrating "The Legend of Golden Bergamot". 15 Iranian artists had been catalogued in the first stage of the biennial held in fall 2011 in which 123 illustrators from Serbia and 76 artists from other countries of the world were selected for the second stage. out of 20 Iranian illustrators participating in this competition, 15 illustrators of Shabaviz Publications were included in the catalogue of the 46th Belgrade Biennial. and finally, Sima Shahmoradi could win the Golden Pen for illustrating "The Legend of the Golden Bergamot" penned by Atusa Shamlu. Many Iranian illustrators have harvested Belgrade Biennial’s prizes, such as: Ghazaleh Bigdelu for "Moonlit Night" (2009), Mohammad Barrangi for "The Cat who Wished to be a Tiger" (2009), Hoda Haddadi for "two Friends" (2007), Saba Masoumian for "Wolves and Men" (2007), Negin Ehtesabian for "who Won? who Lost?" (2007), Amin Hassanzadeh for "Spring Morning" (2007), Reza Yousefzadeh for "Speed! what does it Mean?" (2005), Sharareh Khosravani (2003), Neda Azimi (2003), Alireza Goldouzian (2003) and Morteza Zahedi (2003). Iranian Illustrator at Ssrmede 2011 During the first days of Fall 1390, works by Iranian illustrator Fereshteh Najafir were displayed at Sarmede 2011. Based in Italy, Le Immagini della fantasia is one of the world’s most credited illustration festivals. as many as 300 artists from around the world competed in the 29th edition of the festival among whose works 36 were selected by the panel of judges to be displayed during the festival. The picked works were drawn by artists from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Iran, India, South Korea, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Canada and Argentina. Fereshteh Najafi lives in Italy. Born in 1974, Najafi holds a master’s degree in illustration. She has held various posts as the artistic management of various journals and publications in Iran. Illustrations of Afghans’ sciences and arts books were done under her supervision. Iranian illustrators shine in Sacred Colors Festival The 6th Italian illustration festival of ‘I colori del sacro’ (The Colors of the Sacred) was held in Italy, Padova, Museo Diocesano, from January 20 to may 13, 2012 where final winners were announced among which the names of 13 Iranian illustrators were outstanding. Italy with 31 illustrators and Iran with 13 illustrators respectively won the first and second positions among the winning countries. Participant illustrators wre asked to draw with colors the voice of the wind, the rhythm of the breath, the relief of the blow, the call of the Spirit and, in a more symbolic value, the strength of inspiration, the sweetness of music, the power of word, of the Word. The names of 83 illustrators from 21 countries were selected by the sixth edition of "The Colors of the Sacred". Italy with 31 illustrators and Iran with 13 illustrators respectively won the first and second positions among winning countries. Germany with 6, Argentina with 5, and Japan with 4 illustrators were ranked below Italy and Iran. Iranian winners of the sixth edition of ‘The Colors of the Sacred’ are: Sharareh Khosravani, Azadeh Madani, Reza Maktabi, Karim Nasr, Afra Nobahar, Masoumeh Sohbati, Marjan Vafaeian, and Morteza Zahedi. Also independent illustrations of Homa Nozad, Roshanak Ahadi, Elham Asadi, Shabnam Jourabchi, and Sahar Khorasani, are selected in the sixth catalogue of ‘The Colors of the Sacred’ International Illustration Festival. Iranian illustrators shine in Belgrade The success of Iranian illustrators in reaching the catalogue of 46th Belgrade Golden Pen biennial was stunning. Fifteen Iranian illustrators who had participated in the 46th Belgrade Golden Pen Biennial via Shabaviz Publications were admitted in the catalogue of the biennial, including Nasim Azadi, Bahar Akhavan, Ghazaleh Bigdelu, Saeedeh Sabetnia, Morteza Zahedi, Amir Shabanipour, Elham Kazemi, Azadeh Madani, Mehrnoosh Masoumian, Ali Mafakheir, Amir Maftoun, (late) Ali Namvar, Fereshteh Najafi, Sima Shahmoradi, and Masoumeh Mohabati. Six Iranians lauded at CJ Picture Book Festival The 4th edition of South Korea’s CJ Picture Book Festival ranked Iran as the second winner following Italy and Korea. a total of 50 illustrators were included in the catalog of the CJ Picture Book Festival, Italy and Korea, with 7 illustrators, grabbed the 1st place.

Iran, with 6 illustrators, was ranked respectively; moreover, Germany and Spain won the 3rd place. Countries including Russia, Japan, France, Argentina, the U.K., Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Lithonia, Mexico and Chile were included in the catalog as well. The Iranian illustrators who were included in the catalog of the CJ Picture Book Festival are: Rahele Jomepour, Mahshid Ramegi, Noushin Safakhou, Nazanin Abbasi, Narges Mohammadi, and Atefe Maleki-jou. Iranian book shines at German Book Fair at the 56th edition of the annual international picture book exhibition (held November 25 to February 2012), Ali Asghar Seyd Abadi’s "Demons Are Afraid of Humans in Daytime" illustrated by Peyman Rahimzadeh was chosen as one of the 15 superior children’s books of the world.

"The Princess", "I’m Not Afraid of you and "The Land of Water Lilies" are other Iranian books chosen in the previous German children’s book fair as superior world books. The content of the books is not estimated in this German exhibition and the only criteria for choosing superior books are their beauty and proper book forms. WINTER 1390 Iranian representatives in Bologna 2012 Works of five eeminent illustrators from Iran were displayed at Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Festival. This year 2836 illustrators competed over admission in this section among which 76 illustrators reached the expo. Fereshteh Najafi, Nargess Mohammadi, Ali Reza Goldouzian, Nooshin Safakhou and Morteza Zahedi were five Iranian illustrators admitted in Bologna 2012 exhibition.

Shabaviz wins Bologna new Horizons Award For the fourth time in the history of Bologna Ragazzi Awards, Shabaviz Publicatinos won the new Horizons Award for publishing a book titled ‘Misunderstanding’ – a rewriting of an old Masnavi Ma’navi tale. Bologna Awards consists of four sections, one of which is called ‘The new Horizons Award’ that is usually granted to an innovative book that opens up a new creative way in children’s book illustration. The new Horizons Award is given to the publisher for all the activities made for best management of the writer’s and the publisher’s works. This is the fourth time that Shabaviz has won the Bologna award. It received the first new Horizons Award in 2004 for the all its publications. In 2006, the book "Top Top Top" penned by Fatemeh Mashhadi Rostam and illustrated by Afra Nobahar won the new Horizons Award. Shabaviz also won the 2010 award for Hoda Haddadi’s "two Friends". Shabaviz has also won the 2012 Bologna Award for Farideh Khalatbari’s rewriting of an old tale by Rumi in the book ‘Misunderstanding’. The book is illustrated by Ali Boozari and its graphic design is done by Saeid Ensafi. The new Horizons Award was awarded to Shabaviz on Monday – March 19, 2012 in Bologna.

Iran Book News Agency (IBNA) – New Horizons facing Iranian illustrators

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