Secret Santa Exchange Game Gift Ideas

Secret Santa is an exchange game commonly played in workplaces to lighten the mood around Christmas time and get everyone in the festive spirit and looking forward to the holidays. different workplaces have different ways of carrying out the game – some (especially schools) where the teachers have individual pigeon/cubby holes put small token gifts in each day over a week with clues so that the recipient can try to work out who their secret Santa is. sometimes you never get to find out your secret Santa. the most successful participants are those who take time to think about an appropriate gift of gifts for that person’s hobbies, interest or personality. Others will just have one gift and each person has randomly picked a person’s name out of a hat – this can make it difficult to buy gifts in a large corporation where you may not know the recipient. For your convenience I have put together a list of ideas you are welcome to use for inspiration for your own secret Santa gifts.

• Novelty pens
• Stationary sets
• Ant Farms
• Terrarium
• Moon in My Room
• Rainbow in My Room
• Tibetan five ball gong
• Stress balls
• Desktop Moon Landing
• Desktop snooker/pool
• Love and Hugs Salt ‘n’ Pepper set
• Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp
• Coasters
• Chocolate
• Candies
• Candle
• Homemade card
• Snacks
• Baking
• Ornament
• Trinket
• Storage boxes
• Christmas decoration
• Astronaut pen
• Science Kit
• Experiments
• Diary (gardening, golf, floral etc)
• Calendar (themed or large desk planner)
• Tedco Discovery Pack
• Dig and Discover kit
• 4D anatomy model e.g. mammoth
• Photo album
• Picture frame
• Fishing lures
• Golf Tees
• Expanding face cloths
• Origami
• Incense sticks
• Glow in the Dark Stars
• Techcard Technology Kit e.g. light tube
• Novelty ice-cube trays
• Cookie cutters
• Bookmarks
• Quotation plaques
• Fridge magnets
• Feng Shui
• Oven gloves
• Tea towels
• Plants
• Mug – caption/novelty
• Stationary
• Vase
• Glasses
• Book
• Puzzle
• Water feature
• Garden ornament
• Mirror
• Picture Frame
• Book of quotations
• Joke book
• It’s never too Late Clock
• Recipe book
• Poem
• Flowers
• Dead Fred pen holder
• Karma cheques
• Humorous Apology Note Pad

Interesting fact: Secret Santa is called Kris Kringle in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which individuals of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. often practised in workplaces, or amongst large families, participation in it is usually voluntary. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at low cost to those involved. Some people like to leave clues with their gift or gifts for the recipient to try and guess their identity.

Secret Santa Exchange Game Gift Ideas

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