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Homepage > Baltimore, Maryland News BALTIMORE — A Maryland teenager currently serving a double life sentence for shooting his parents and brothers to death four years ago is currently featured on a controversial website soliciting pen pals.Nicholas Browning and the other prisoners profiled on can’t access the website themselves, 11 News reporter Kerry Cavanaugh said. they mail responses to an administrator, who charges $30 per account.Current photos show Browning standing with fellow inmates in the yard at Patuxent Institution and posing with a prison visitor.It’s not the future the former Dulaney High School student seemed destined for in 2008. then 15, Browning baffled the Cockeysville community by shooting his parents and brothers to death on a Saturday night, then hanging out with friends afterward.Investigators pegged the teen as a stone cold killer. During his taped confession, Browning revealed little about what made him snap. now 19, Browning is peeling back layers of his personality via His profile reads, “Nick Browning, Taurus, convicted of homicide, multiple counts.”His page delves into his sexual preferences and implores strangers to write to him, saying, “I have a long road ahead of me, and I would love to have someone to talk to through this ? journey of mine. All things considered, I think I’m still upbeat about life, despite my bleak surroundings. I love to have fun. ? If nothing else, I have an interesting story to tell: Someone from my background generally doesn’t end up in prison.”Browning’s lawyer, Joshua Treem, said he is unsure if any pen pals have responded to the site. 11 News asked Treem what his take was on the salacious information included in the profile.”His responses are a product of him being a teenager who has been locked up for four years. He’s been essentially cut off since the day he was arrested. To the extent that this is something he’s using to establish some kind of relationship is a good thing,” Treem said.Treem added that Browning does get regular visits from relatives and friends — supporters who may be pained by the convicted killer’s response when asked on the website if he has siblings, Cavanaugh said. He gives a simple answer: “None.”11 News brought Browning’s page on the website to the attention of corrections officials. they said that since Browning’s correspondence with the site goes through the mail, it’s not breaking any rules.Browning could be eligible for parole when he’s in his early 40s.

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Convicted Teen Killer Using Pen Pal Website – Baltimore, Maryland News Story – WBAL Baltimore

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