How did a prison inmate get my name and address from an inmate penpal site?!?!?!?!?

So yesterday I recieved a letter from a man in prison saying he found my "profile" on an inmate penpal site! how the HELL is that possible???!! I would NEVER sign up for something like that! You can just imagine what my husband thought when he seen it…so if anybody knows how this prisoner got my info, please let me know. I have found many sites with profiles of prisoners looking for penpals, but none with women on the outside posting profiles for prisoners to find. Please help because I am furious over this! Thanks in advance!

Call the prison and tell them what happened.

Maybe one of your friends thought that you would like to be an inmates pen pal.

Write to the prison, and your local DA and tell them what has happened, and you want it corrected and stopped.

He is probably lying. He may have pulled your name and address from a phone book or got someone on the outside to do it with hopes that you would write back. I would contact the Prison.

Try Googling your name and see what comes up. I did mine and surprise, my address, phone number, where I work, drivers license number, everything about me is on line in several different locations. I can ask to have my information removed, but unless I can prove it was put there with malicious intent, I can't force the removal of my information.

So how and where he got it is no mystery. saying he got it from a pen pal site, well we know how honest convicts are. Problems with honesty is why most of them are convicts.

Throw the letter in the trash. No response is the best response. Don't let him know he has contacted a good address or actual person.

How did a prison inmate get my name and address from an inmate penpal site?!?!?!?!?

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